Nicholas Reinhardt Photography

The Sunshine State

Monday, September 8th, 2008

I am on the gulf coast of Florida in the town of Ybor, which is in the city of Tampa.  I am here visiting my brother Kevin, its his 30th birthday, and his wife Taylor and friend Joe.   This area is so much different than any other place I have visited.  The landscape is very flat and there are these pine trees in spots that used to be native to Florida but have all been cut down.  Palm trees have taken the place of them now which helps create a tropical vibe.  The weather is nice, more hot and humid than the southbay in California.  I am really excited it is supposed to rain today, the smell of rain is such a soothing thing.  There are zero signs of Gustav the hurricane that just went through the gulf which is a huge relief.  Hurricane Ike is on its way but it shouldn’t touch land where we are.

I am excited to head to the beaches around here and get some nice tropical style photos.  I think I will be heading there tomorrow.  But for today I will be hanging around the city.  Thanks for checking in and I will post soon.